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About Urban Garden Space

Urban Garden Space is a family-owned business, led by Design Director, Belinda Dangerfield. Belinda is passionate when it comes to kitchens and her designs have won numerous industry awards, including the prestigious ‘Kitchen Designer of the Year 2017′ award. With over 22 years’ experience, in kitchen design, including managing her own studio and showrooms, Belinda has far more to offer than your average designer! She is also a qualified project manager, with a technical background which makes it easy to overcome challenges inside of the modern kitchen- as well as outside too.

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Combining a Passion for Cooking and Love of the Outdoors

Following the Covid pandemic, Belinda recognised how our general attitude towards eating and entertaining outside has changed; for many, the outdoor space now represents another area within the home that people can maximise and enjoy- and not just through the summer months! With careful planning this is achievable all year round, creating an extension of your home, designed with the same attention to detail you would expect for any new indoor kitchen design.

Outdoor Kitchen Showroom

Visit our luxury showroom in Sutton Coldfield and here you can explore our wide range of bespoke outdoor kitchen solutions. Browse our open-air courtyard and you will see working models that demonstrate just how simple it is to transform your outdoor dining experience from an everyday barbecue and chilled drinks, into a luxurious and memorable dining experience. 

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Throughout the off-season (October – March) our showroom is unmanned. Any visits will be by appointment only during this time.

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Showroom Booking
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