Outdoorwinter02 | Urban Garden Space, Sutton Coldfield


Winter is well and truly here but even as the weather turns colder, you can still make the most of your outdoor kitchen. There is no need to pack up and retreat inside, as with a few simple steps you can continue to enjoy cooking your favourite dishes outdoors.

If you have created an outdoor kitchen that is enclosed or has some kind of overhead awning or roof then that’s a great place to start, as this will keep out the worst of the weather.

Even without this, with a little preparation, an extra layer of clothing, some additional heat and lighting, you are ready to go.

Using the Monolith Kamado Grill for example you can still grill, smoke, bake, sear, barbecue or roast with ease. If you have the BBQ Guru option, this allows you to keep a constant temperature, whatever the weather.

Adding an outdoor log burner is a brilliant way to stay warm on colder evenings as is an outdoor fireplace. Adding more lighting with LED outdoor string lights is an easy and inexpensive way light up the space, and consider a source of more directed light on your outdoor cooking area.

How about a family Sunday? The Monolith Kamado Grill is superb at retaining heat and keeps lots of moisture locked inside the cooking chamber, which can keep a chicken or joint of beef nice and juicy. 

With the Monolith BBQ Guru edition you can also display the core temperature of the food via an additional temperature sensor, as well as the pit temperature.  In addition, the controller can be paired with any smartphone or tablet, allowing complete control to ensure perfect cooking every time.

If you want to continue to party outdoors, why not visit our luxury showroom in Sutton Coldfield, here you can explore our wide range of bespoke outdoor kitchen solutions. Browse our open-air courtyard and you will see working models that demonstrate just how simple it is to transform your outdoor dining experience from an everyday barbecue and chilled drinks, into a luxurious and memorable dining experience, at any time of the year.